No sound - Android

I have the game on Android (Galaxy S10+) and I get no sound playing it. Volume up, using phone speakers or trying with headphones, sound is working with other apps. Sound settings in-game are all set to on with the volume up.

Another app might be stealing your audio (Spotify, etc) or maybe a Bluetooth/USB peripheral.

Appreciate the response, I’ve found some more information. There is nothing plugged into the phone, Bluetooth is turned off. I can go into my Android settings and force the audio to use the phone speakers when using Siralim Ultimate. No other apps actively running, audio works on anything else I try. Still, Siralim Ultimate will not play audio.

However, once I was playing in the car, and my phone was connected to the car’s bluetooth, and it was able to play the audio! So it works, only if trying to go through bluetooth. If bluetooth is disabled, and even setting Android to force it to use phone speakers, it will not play audio at all.