Noetherian says "Hi"

I started playing the game at the Steam release, and it doesn’t look like I will be stopping anytime soon, so maybe I should post an introduction.

I work in Internet security, live in Florida, and travel a lot for my job. As a frequent traveler, I appreciate that Siralim plays incredibly well on a low-powered travel laptop. (Also, it doesn’t require Internet to play, so it is easy to play on an airplane or on a layover … it is shocking how many games these days require an Internet connection to play.) I have been playing computer role-playing games since the 80’s, and I am sufficiently “old-school” to believe that great gameplay trumps graphics.

I am also a chronic restarter. I have started a relatively large number of different games to try out different approaches to the early game. (Different early-game talent spending, different castle upgrade and realm unlock orders, different first nether creatures.) The downside of this is that there still quite a large number of late-game creatures that I have never seen … I am hoping that in my current game I stick with it long enough to actually unlock most of the creature tiers, but who knows, early-game optimizing is strangely appealing to me. :->

I am not exactly sure how I stumbled across Siralim (some days when I am bored, I randomly glance at Steam new releases, and fortunately, the day Siralim released was on of those days), but it has certainly been my kind of game. The combat system is simple, but surprisingly deep as one progresses in the game and unlocks more creatures and artifact enchants. Also, the post-release support by the development team has been incredible (already two patches since the Steam release, one of which had significant gameplay improvements … and the other was a rapid response to fix a couple of bugs causing problems for some players). Finally, the community here on the forums has been great. Lots of helpful veterans, questions get answered quickly, everyone is friendly.

Thanks for a great community and an incredible game! I really hope that Steam release ends up being a successful may to increase exposure and grow the player base.

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and welcome aboard from a fellow “stumbled-across-it-on-steam” user, although, you are ofcourse already on-board (hihi). :slight_smile:

Welcome, and thanks for the kind words! Aside from your helpful posts, I’ve seen you give out copies of Siralim to total strangers and I really appreciate that. Glad to have you here!

Oh good, someone else restarts all the time. I was concerned it was just my mortal fear of commitment. I can’t be in postgame, no one’s telling me what to do!

Welcome aboard, save hydra!