[Not a Bug] Overheal Perk

Ignore this, I misread/misinterpreted the perk.

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I have the Overheal perk on my Life mage, but my creatures’ health never raises above the max. Whether the heal comes from a trait or if I manually heal a creature through a spell gem, the Health bar/numbers briefly flicker before returning to the normal max health value.

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Windows 10

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Don’t quote me on this, but I BELIEVE that overheal will ALLOW them to be healed at full health. It won’t go over max, but it will allow them to class as being healed. This can help with traits that trigger when something gets healed. Like Dreams of Ice will icnrease a healed creature’s defense. But a creature won’t heal if it’s at full. But overheal allows it to, and thus allows it to proc.

Though again, I’m not sure, that’s just the way I understood it working from what I’ve been told.

If this used to work how you thought it worked and it’s changed now, then yeah, definately a bug.

That would make sense if I just misinterpreted it. I do have some traits that trigger on heal, I just didn’t have them before I got this perk so I didn’t think about that.


The spirit family of creatures has real good trigger on heal effects. Like a 30% chance to send a healed creature to the top of the action queue, or increasing defense. If you use them with Regal Golem (Use an Iron Golem to extract from a life creature), it’s even better! Regal Golem’s ability heals all of your party on it’s turn. So on it’s turn, everything gets the heal effect like increased defense or whatever. Or maybe just an Ivory Ent to make creatures start with mend. Or both.

Yep, that’s the exact combo I have going on (Regal Golem + an item with the action queue trait).

It’s a good early game combo. Especially if you have overheal.