Not a fan of the extraction change

EDIT: I’ve been informed that the issue I was having was only once you’re far enough into the game. I rescind my complaint, but I’ll leave this here in case anybody else makes the same assumption.

I noticed today that any previously undiscovered creatures can no longer be extracted (“can’t extract until you have bred one like it”). I assume that this is a recent change? Either that, or I suddenly hit a new barrier, in which case, please ignore the rest of this message.

Here’s the problem as I see it: I need new species to breed new combinations, and I can’t get new species unless I find them on the field. Breeding is also somewhat expensive… 4k of brimstone and crystal, plus a fair amount of power balance. Not too bad for one creature, but brutal if I’m going to have to try dozens of combinations. It makes sense to lock down certain creatures (cores bought from gods), but all new creatures a bit much.

It is my personal opinion that this change ought to be rolled back. Does anybody agree with me, or am I alone on this?

You hit a new wall. It’s always been like that.
Most things can be bred from the base creatures. Like… any bat + any stronghold.

I thought this was the intended behavior from the start? At least I remember not being able to extract from rift monsters I haven’t made myself. It is possible to breed new species from two different species, Although I will agree that it is a super time/resource intensive process. I’d like to see easier extractions for lower HP monsters though, I hate failing 4 times in a row against a dying enemy.

I’d like to see a trait that increases extraction chance for that particular creature. Maybe there is one, I dunno.
Or a trait to extract 1 core when it kills a creature.