Not enough potions to complete duty

In Sorcery Realms I’m sometimes tasked to drink 3 potions when there are only 2 potions available on the map. This seems to happen fairly frequently (10-30% of the time I get the potion-drinking Duty).

iOS 2.0.9.

Upon checking this out, it looks like there are a few Duties where this can happen. I’ll fix them all, thank you!

Wow my bad I realized this awhile ago since like 2.0.7 lol and totally forgot to report it. There was indeed a few different ones this happen and I used bronze tickets to finish lol.

This happened to me as well on the steam version today, only 3 potions available while the quest asked for 4, just thought id mention it being on the pc version, although, you probably already knew that based on the previous response :slight_smile: