Not sure if a bug or if I got some hidden Easter Egg

For those of you who are not aware, I have a bug in my stable where I can’t breed monsters without waiting 10 minutes due to the sheer amount of monsters in my stable.

With that being said, I noticed something interesting.

Every once in a while, while the loading is taking place, I get a free legendary material. It’s always the same one: Twin Swords of Misery.

At first I thought I accidentally did something wrong to somehow salvage something in my inventory. But this happened more than once. In the course of breeding (as of now, 50 monsters), I have had about 6 free materials of this type. Sometimes it populates shortly after hatching an egg, other times it populates while talking to the breeding master, other times it populates while selecting which recipe to use. I can’t figure out what would generate this event since I’m not salvaging anything except for monsters per-se.

I am on the latest and greatest Android.

See attached

Hey, that happened to me too!
With the diference that it only happened once, after i beat misery and went to the stable the first time after beating him. as soon as i talked to the breeding master i gained that item. it didnt happen any other time after that.

This is happening to me too. Happens at all sorts of times when loading realms, loading the game, etc.