Notable bug with battle at realmlevel 48 (spoilers in screenshots)


When killing the first enemy, the next one spawned and instantly was removed/died (but sprite barely visible for halv a sec), after this, the rest of the enemies was summoned every turn in the empty spaces, but none of them “joined the fight” so to speak (no sprites were visible either), they were all removed and their spots remained empty. So last one “spawned” (was also removed) and the “main boss” could be killed.

Getting the same issue vs horde packs

Data below from right after boss-battle:

========== CHARACTER ==========
King Respwner, Level 90 Chaos Mage
Achievement Points: 2494 / 37180 (7%)
Time Played: 23:07:30
Game Version: 0.17.0

Total Deity Points: 568
Magma Diver (Rank 29 / 40)
Your creatures deal additional damage equal to 14.50% (+.5% per rank) of the target’s Current Health.
Pandemonium Presence (Rank 3 / 3)
Your creatures start battles with 3 (+1 per rank) random buff.

Aen Rune: Your creatures have +10% Maximum Health.
Nae Rune: You gain 25% more Essence from battles.

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 98 Ottum
Godspawn / Chaos

Health: 994
Mana: 30
Attack: 1054
Intelligence: 452
Defense: 452
Speed: 452

Innate Trait: Elimination Process
After this creature attacks, it attacks a random enemy 2 times. These extra attacks deal 50% normal damage.

Artifact: Death’s Bite
*Defense Penetration: 30%
Trait: Death’s Bite

Death’s Bite: At the end of each ally’s turn, this creature attacks a random enemy for 30% normal damage.

Gem of Chaos Bolt (Mana Cost: 13)
Target takes a moderate amount of damage that ignores 50% of its Defense.
Gem of Ravage (Mana Cost: 7) | Mana Cost Reduced By 38%
Target takes a moderate amount of damage and loses a moderate amount of Defense. This spell cannot be cast manually, but has a 35% chance to cast when its owner attacks.

Level 98 Mutated Vampire Bat
Bat / Chaos

Health: 862
Mana: 21
Attack: 633
Intelligence: 181
Defense: 482
Speed: 633

Innate Trait: Vampiric Aura
After an ally attacks, your creatures recover Health equal to 25% of the damage dealt.

Artifact: Dark Embrace
*Damage Reduction: 30%
*Gain Arcane When Hit: 5%
Trait: Dark Embrace

Dark Embrace: After your creatures die, this creature gains 25% of their Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed.

Gem of Wrath of Nature (Mana Cost: 16) | Class Swap: Chaos, Stat +/- Increased By 32%
Your creatures gain a moderate amount of Attack.

Level 98 Thrasher Fiend
Fiend / Chaos

Health: 697
Mana: 21
Attack: 940
Intelligence: 121
Defense: 572
Speed: 940

Innate Trait: Relentless Hunger
After this creature attacks, it deals 80% of the damage dealt to two other random enemies.

Artifact: Bow
*Attack: 30%
Speed: 30%
Increased Critical Chance: 15%

Gem of Rain of Blood (Mana Cost: 20) | Class Swap: Chaos, 63% Chance to Provoke
Enemies are afflicted with Bleed for 5 turns.

Level 97 Tortured Leper
Leper / Death

Health: 591
Mana: 18
Attack: 810
Intelligence: 686
Defense: 60
Speed: 686

Innate Trait: Wrong Side
At the start of battle, afflict your creatures with 3 random debuffs. These debuffs are ignored.

Artifact: Break Down And Cry
*Less Damage From Life: 80%
Afflict Burn On Hit: 18%
Attack: 18%
Trait: Break Down And Cry

Break Down And Cry: Before this creature dies, it casts 3 of its spells.

Gem of Rain of Blood (Mana Cost: 17) | Duration Increased By 2, Mana Cost Reduced By 21%
Enemies are afflicted with Bleed for 5 turns.
Gem of Flash Freeze (Mana Cost: 14) | Class Swap: Death
Each enemy has a 50% chance to be afflicted with Frozen.

Level 97 Favored Masochist
Masochist / Sorcery

Health: 1378
Mana: 27
Attack: 507
Intelligence: 656
Defense: 60
Speed: 358

Innate Trait: Lust For Punishment
Your creatures deal 40% more damage for each debuff they have.

Artifact: Pyromaniac
*Defense Penetration: 30%
Trait: Pyromaniac

Pyromaniac: After one of your creatures casts a spell, this creature deals damage to all enemies equal to 10% of its Intelligence.

Gem of Timewalk (Mana Cost: 0) | Costs 12% Maximum Health
Target immediately takes a turn, is unable to act, and is returned to its original position in the Action Queue.
Gem of Crystal Shield (Mana Cost: 14)
Your creatures gain a Barrier that absorbs damage equal to 100% of their Defense.

Level 75 Mutated Pulse Bat
Bat / Chaos

Health: 665
Mana: 21
Attack: 557
Intelligence: 140
Defense: 372
Speed: 488

Innate Trait: Screeching Barrage
After an ally attacks, this creature deals damage to enemies equal to 10% of its Speed.

Artifact: Chaos Surge
*More Damage To Chaos: 100%
*Attack: 14%
Trait: Chaos Surge

Chaos Surge: After this creature attacks or is attacked, it casts Scourge Chaos on the enemy.