NPC causes crash and spell targeting crash

  1. Is your issue a BUG (such as a glitch, or something that probably shouldn’t happen in the game or a CRASH (causes the game to throw an error and does not allow you to continue playing the game)?
    Crashes, both of these events cause the game to just stop responding, but the music continues.

  2. If your issue is a CRASH, please copy and paste the full error message below. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
    There is none. Game just stops responding.

  3. Please describe in as much detail as possible how to reproduce the bug or crash.
    I’ve attached an image of an NPC I talked to when the game just stopped responding.
    The other crash I’ve experienced was casting “fireball” and I was allowed to target an enemy which was already dead. When I did this, the game stopped responding.

  4. What operating system are you playing the game on? Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS?

  5. Any other details to help us solve the problem.
    Check the screenshot for the NPC. The other crash is probably easily reproducible.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix this very soon.