Numbers display, and display

I have trouble reading big numbers at a glance. For instance, 12348945 : is it about one million? about ten millions, or a hundred thousands? Whereas, when you write it 12 348 945, the general scale of the number is immediately apparent: it’s roughly 12 millions.

Could you please make numbers appear with digits in group of threes? (sorry, don’t know the proper English name for that, English is not my native language).

Also, I really struggle with white writing on black background. But honestly I didn’t check into options so maybe it’s already possible to change that…

Anyway, amazing work with Siralim 1.

I would like number displaying options, as well, though I would prefer commas instead of spaces.

And no, you can’t change the colour of the text. You can only change its style: smooth or pixelated. By the way, I’m playing with the pixelated font (I find the other one not fitting when the game is sprite-based) but there is a little annoyance with it, this font style is larger than the other one and sometimes the text doesn’t fit. A good example of this behaviour is when asking the Arena guy about the Arena rules.
This last bit is not directed to you, but rather to Zack and I felt like including it since it is somehow related.