Occasional freeze when spells cast at start of battle

Tartarith’s card killed a creature and then my nether creature cast volcano at the start of battle. The game froze.

Seems to happen when Tartarith’s card kills the bottom middle enemy, and one of my creatures casts a spell at the start of battle. The enemies are in “family formation”

Scratch the part about families.
It still happens when the middle monster is killed though.

I’m still getting this freeze when middle enemy is killed. The other enemies aren’t damaged. I don’t have tartarith’s card, but I am using Anomaly if that matters. Happens less compared to pre-Test, but it’s still there

It mostly happens with the diabolic horde family as before, but it has happened with other enemy groupings

Seems to happen with diabolic horde still.
Strange damage numbers instead of freeze. “?!?” or “!?!”