Odd Matchup [Possible Bug?]

ver 0.9.0

I’m using a single creature w/Lone Wolf (Vicious Wolpertinger).

I’m fighting 6 monsters, but the 3 that live and pose a problem are:
Abyssal Spectre
Pit Worm
Spitting Arachnalisk

Somehow, I get afflicted with Scorn
All enemy creatures are hitting for 0 damage.
The Arachnalisk is hitting for 0 damage, but still extending my debuffs by 3 turns. No way out of Scorn like this.
The Abyssal Spectre keeps lowering my stats. Every single turn.
The Pit Worm is chipping away whenever I take my turn.
My Wolpertinger doesn’t cast when it takes or deals 0 damage (which is intended, I believe).

Eventually of course, I die due to the Pit Worm’s ability.

There’s a few bugs here that seem odd:
#1 Enemy traits are triggering when they deal 0 damage (specifically, the two mentioned).
#2 I get hit with Scorn despite Lone Wolf (and other debuffs, too).
#3 Stats are continually lowered from Abyssal Spectre. Shouldn’t they be set to the lowest value? Might have to do with Hybridization or even possibly Lone Wolf (I have both perks).

  1. I think I’ve found a few ways this can happen, so I’ll take a look and fix the bugs as needed. Thanks!

  2. That’s fixed in the test patch, so it’ll be released to the public later today.

  3. That’s correct because your stats are still being affected by other things, so in your particular case, the Abyssal Spectre’s trait will always take effect.