Odds in the Arena

I got Cards and Knowledge in the Arena. I think it would be better to get such things only in Realms.

disagree on knowledge. its your character knowledge that he gets while his creatures kills other creatures, so nothing wrong with getting it in arena

On cards its debatable. You can throw them out and get em in realms if you want. But i see no harm in it, since its a tiny chance to get a card in any way. And cutting it down further why? not like arena is easier then the realm, much to the contrary. Basically arena costs 2k granite to enter while realm battles are free, arena fights can be much more challenging. You also get no loot/resources from arena fights. Only points that are good for a few cores/runes/1 talisman, after that you are left to spend em on treasure chests which loot has been cut down signigicantly, so basically you mostly do arena for prophecies now. 10x large chests will give you around 1-2 emlemns and 1-2 pandemonium tokens, thats with max talisman 2 wins (10 fights in arena). Fights are not guaranteed wins, even if you are lucky enemy might be luckier. 2k granite is meaningless at higher levels, i agree, but still counts.

Since enemy teams are completely random there is no way to farm cards too, if you get it, then you were close to getting it anyway, since chance it tiny/you need good knowledge of a creature to even have a normal chance to get a card. Idk how its changed. but long time ago sigil with high card drop rate only allowed you to reliably get cards from rank B creatures or higher. Lower knowledge ranks maybe were still possible, but chances were completely unreliable.
So i take card drops as a pleasant bonus surprise. Why nerf it? :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe if there are oddities with card drop chance there (if its unreasonably high) - maybe worth fixing it, but i didnt notice that so far. I got like 5 cards i think from arena within playthrough. ±1-2, Thats with 342/20 Arena win/loose. IDk how it counts though. Prob win means every part of a fight. (ie full win is 5 statistic wins). cuz i otherwise dont remember full 342 wins :stuck_out_tongue: