Ok maybe a way to decrease heredity for normal creatures?

If not providing a way to increase it maybe an item, that, when used makes creature lose 1 point of heredity, and if its at max level for given heredity, 10 levels too?
some people like having all creatures at same level. yep it may sound funny.
and well you often can get eggs with crazy heredity or trap creatures with crazy heredity that just happend to be +1 heredity over your usual breeding ladder.
SO at the moment to even it out you just do insane amounts of breeding/crossbreeding/juggling just to incorporate those 2 types of creature in your breeding ladder :stuck_out_tongue:
say, you have 0, 3, 9, 21, 45, 93 189 etc (x*2) +3 for max level ladder :stuck_out_tongue:
now you need to build in a creature of 94 heredity with allready max level, quite easy, just breed it with something of 92 heredity and max level or LV1 creature with 95 heredity :stuck_out_tongue:
tbh this aspect starts to feel a lil complex :stuck_out_tongue:
now if i could just use -1 heredity item on that 94 creature i wont need any juggling at all :stuck_out_tongue: