Omnipotent Deity : Trouble Understanding Ability

Can someone explain to me what the Omnipotent Deity does?

From the text, I thought it might be somewhat similar to Link in Siralim 1

However, as far as I can tell, it seems like it just gives every creature a ton of Health.

It pools all your creatures hp.I have 6 cretures with 100hp.I’ll get 6 creatures with600hp each.

Thanks for the information.

I think I was confused by the word “share” as well as the fact that the ability turned out quite different that was originally described in the Dev Blog.

It’s definitely a HP pool.

There’s one that does the same for enemies, but it links all their HP together - effectively it allows you to deal 6x damage with an AoE, or kill an entire group with a single focused attack.

Both traits are worded similarly, but have VERY different outcomes and uses.