on attack traits not triggering

this just happened to me thrice in a row i attack with raven batmaster (have seen it happen with other creatures too though) and get a low damage hit
(83, 89 crits and 34 normal hit) and it doesnt trigger bombardment or dissection traits while it did trigger an on hit spell gem each time.
other attacks in those fights behaved like normal (to clarify 3 times in a row but in 3 different fights alltogether).
sadly i have no idea how to reproduce this as it just seems completely random to me, i just know it can also happen with the flay trait as in the creature with flay attacks deals low damage but doesnt afflict bleed (no resist message either).

Yup, this just happened to me as well, Version 0.3.2 (on Windows10 in case that’s relevant^^)

Still happening in 0.4.1 unfortunately :frowning:

And just noticed it again in 0.4.3 :frowning:

By the way, I got 3 Valkyrie Scouts going on and particularly on counterattack I observe neither of the 3 attacks triggering any Bombardment/Dissection, maybe there is a correlation

OK so it seemed to be better at first and then when I first noticed it I thought maybe I just wasn’t watching the whole time but this kind of thing definitely still happens in 0.5.2 sometimes. The attack damage will be unusually low and no dissection/bombardment etc triggers.

OK so now I am in a Sigil battle where the opponents are supposed to be immune to attacks. They still take around 1 dmg per level my creatures have per attack though, but triggers no Dissection/Bombardment. On Hit Spell Gems trigger though. Could that be related somehow?

Still in 0.5.3 as well…

Just noticed it again in 0.6.2 - at least this time I “missed out” on the Scorn from my opponent’s Siren Ascendant…

0.7.7 and this is still going on. I would like at least some sort of acknowledgement. Right now I get the feeling that it is too tough to fix and that’s why we are just not talking about it. If this is going to be in the game for the foreseeable future maybe I should be working on another team…

I read all posts on this forum, but as a one-man team there’s just no time to reply to support posts unless I require additional information to help me track down the problem. The main issue in this case is that there are so many different things that can affect the way a battle plays out that it’s very hard to nail down a definite problem. With that said, I have already fixed several issues you’ve brought to my attention.

What’s your team? What traits are on their artifacts? What creatures are you going up against? Are you sure an artifact or trait doesn’t grant immunity to a specific buff/debuff? The more details you can provide to help me reproduce the issue consistently, the better.

I attached my savegame so you can see for yourself. It happens pretty much every battle. Creatures deal little to no damage every now and then, and whenever this is the case, absolutely nothing triggers, consistently, except for maybe Gems with on-hit properties. But no dissection, no bombardment, no nothing else. This has been going on throughout versions, changes in my roster, new artifacts, everything. I understand that some attacks happen to be critical/glancing blows? Seems that whenever there is a glancing blow, stuff that usually triggers all the time just doesn’t trigger. Mostly those will be attacks doing 0 damage, but sometimes it’s just significantly reduced from what it would usually be.

slot1.sav (256 KB)

slot1.bak (256 KB)

config.sav (1 KB)

Okay, thanks for the save file and info! I’ll load it up and take a look soon.

Oh, one other important question: what realm depth should I be testing this on? I’m currently playing at around 56, which has creatures that are the same level as your own.

I am at around realm lvl 75 right now, but I’ve seen this happening since way before I finished the main story even. It really seems that there are three kinds of attacks: the critical kind with the orange font and the exclamation mark, then “regular” attacks that trigger everything just as you would expect, and then “gimp” attacks that deal little to no damage and don’t trigger any on-attack traits, I think they do trigger on-hit spell gems but I am not sure about that. My gut feeling tells me this is somehow related to the Attack stat; my creatures with “Boots” have those kind of “anti-criticals” happen more often than my creatures with "Sword"s, and after casting something like Flame Lash which reduces attack, those occur even more frequently.

I’ve spent about 30 minutes on your save file on all ranges of realm levels, including the maximum depth you’re currently on (76). Everything seems to be working as expected.

One thing that might be confusing you is that if an attack deals 0 damage, it won’t activate any on-hit effects, meaning things like Bombardment won’t activate. From what I saw, your creatures deal 0 damage with attacks very frequently to high levels enemies, so that’s likely the issue. Why do they deal 0 damage? Because your creatures’ Attack stat is too low, so enemies can mitigate all the damage. I noticed most of your artifact enchantments don’t have any +Attack on them, so it would help a lot if you switched from Speed to Attack.

In addition, damage dealt from traits like Bombardment are still mitigated by other traits, class strengths/weaknesses, artifact properties, and everything else. If those effects don’t appear to be activating, it’s probably because their damage is being mitigated to 0 as well.

OK that’s fine then. I already figured on the ‘0’ attacks I couldn’t really expect anything. But there will be situations where I still deal some damage, but still nothing triggers. Maybe damage evaluates to 0 before it evaluates whether it should trigger on-hit but then deals some additional damage (like with the Ghoul’s trait) which makes it come to above 0 after all?
Also, particularly when I was still running an on-hit Flame Lash, I would get 0 every time I attack with one of my creatures, which is to be expected. But then If i would Fury Swipes one of my creatures, or if they would counterattack, all of the sudden they would be dealing significant damage. I have been in Situations where I had to wait 10-20 turns for the remaining opposing Mob to finally land an attack on my team, just so my counterattacks could deal damage at last. Maybe these “XY% strength attack” read Base Attack instead of Current Attack?
Would be kinda cool if we knew HOW it should be to see if it is AS it should be… maybe a little more detail on the combat mechanics would be in order?

OK now in 0.9.2, I got the Rage punishment, so shouldn’t hits trigger on-hit effects every time? Still I am missing a bunch of effects all the time. My team is really multi-attack-heavy, so it’s very noticable.

Btw, it seems like this had been fixed in previous versions, maybe some old code related to this was reintroduced?

What effects aren’t triggering?

Dissection, Hive Mind, Screeching Barrage… Just flat-out everything I think, but these are the traits I got on my team right now. Seems like some of the 1-damage attacks behave just like 0-damage attacks…