On-Hit trigger on stuff like Brim Smith, Pit Worm Tunneler, Crypt Bat etc. ?

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    I don’t know, are these effects supposed to trigger on-hit spellcasting? It happens once every blue moon, which seems strange to me, since I think it should either never happen or happen waaay more often than this! I have like 3 Valkyrie Scout + Brim Smith and 5 10+ % on-hit Spells on the Smith and I battle for 2-3 turns and nothing happens… that’s really unlikely and yet it’s like that all the time.

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  5. What game version are you playing? You can find the version number on the title screen in the lower left corner.
    0.3.2 still seems to have way too low odds of these on-hit triggers happening - if they are supposed to happen, that is. Haven’t seen one of these Bombardment etc. trigger an on-hit Spell Gem since 0.2.0 I think…

Wow, now I even got an on-hit trigger from the Brim Smith’s Mind Storm… That’s surely not supposed to happen though, right?

Brim Smith’s Dissection has always counted as an attack and triggered on-hit.
Whether it’s a bug or not, I dunno.