On the topic of one-off breeding

Hello, this is my first post here. I’m mostly excited about the Ultimate game (even signed up for one of the kickstarter things) but there’s this one thing that bothers me.
I heard about Siralim from reddit, when looking for games like DQM. Now, I’m not looking for an exact replica, just something to satisfy that urge for a good breeding and catching game. So far, from playing 3 (I haven’t gotten to breeding yet but other than that it seems to take a lot of inspiration from DQM) I can say it does a good job at that.
I’ve recently read this dev blog: https://www.thylacinestudios.com/siralim-ultimate-dev-blog-fusion-and-other-things/
What I want to bring attention to is the “You can only fuse a creature once.” line, which really ruins breeding for me personally. When I played DQM games, I liked to have fun with the breeding, and even if I bred a healer into a different monster and it didn’t use healing skills as much, I could still level it up until it got those skills back and then breed it again to keep on that healer bloodline in a way. I know Silarim doesn’t have “Skills” like DQM has, but by making breeding a one-off thing it would make me anxious to try fusing monsters, knowing that if I mess up now that monster’s abilities/“bloodline” and heritage are going to be lost. It completely changes breeding/fusing from a fun, sandbox feature into one I’d only do if necessary, if I’m losing too much and I need to increase the power of my team. That ain’t fun. Changing it to be reversible would also make the investment and high risk high reward of breeding/fusing go away.

What I’d suggest is going for something like the DQM Egg Rater, where, before you hatched the monster, you could see the traits of the monster which would be randomized on a weighted system but you could pay or use items to nudge towards certain ones.

The weighted system would be something like 40% for each “parent” and 15% for “grandparent” traits and 5% for “grandgrandparent” traits. To keep it balanced, it would still limit the monsters to two-three traits (maybe have it be 2 until a couple generations down the line, or just always keep it at two) but now you have to pick and choose the traits. This works similar to the way you could pick the gender of the offspring in DQM, but adds a bit more depth to it, and also makes it so you can have something like a heritage tree page on monster details (if possible, of course), to see the monster’s entire genealogical tree, which would be a great way to show the progress you’ve made as a breeder.

Now, I have limited knowledge on Siralim Ultimate, and even less of Siralim (only got 2 hours of gameplay in the 3rd game and that’s it) so let me know if something like this is already planned or if this wouldn’t work, but I think my suggested changes would make breeding a fun sandbox experience, where offsprings don’t have to be discarded/freed in case you messed up, and you can just continue the chain.

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Siralim Ultimates breeding will be really simple to a point that makes it impossible to mess up (I personally dont really like that, because I have a if I cant do it wrong then I cant do it right either standpoint). Parent 1 and Parent 2 will both pass their Traits 100% to their offspring and the offspring also gets the average sum of its Parents stats. Only thing one could do wrong is how the offspring will look but only if someone isnt paying attention on which parent to choose first.

True, that solves the issue of doing things by mistake, but to me, the best memories I have of DQM are planning how to grow and breed my monsters through multiple generations to get a strong monster with good traits. I can’t do that here if I can only breed once, and that’s a bit disheartening… I get invested in the monsters I main in my party, and only being able to take care of 1 other monster connected to it then shelf it in case I want a different one is not something I am personally a fan of.

I feel the same and totally agree but Im sure Siralim Ultimate will be a good game worth playing even with its simplified breeding mechanic.

You don’t lose anything from fusing together the creatures. The offspring creature will have the traits of both it’s parents and the average of each of their stats. some combination will be better than others but you will be able to re summon the original creatures if you want to try again but slightly differently. I’m personally very excited to be playing with these systems and seeing what crazy combos I can come up with. Not looking for optimal. I just want to have fun.

Yeah, honestly it sounds a lot harder to mess up this way of fusion. I’ve messed up a few times in 3 trying to raise up my heredities, and had to do a ton of extra work to get it back to what I wanted. This might not have as much investment opportunity, but I’d argue it gives more freedom to experiment and play with the sandbox as you can use any two creatures you could summon just for this, trying to make a sweet combination of traits, and if it’s not as good as you’d hoped, you don’t have to be bummed you wasted a creature you spent hours breeding up for it.