Opinion Question: Is Friden's Greed Talisman Actually Bad For Players?

So the Friden’s Greed talisman increases your chance to find mimics by 1% per rank. Rank 100 you get 2 extra treasure chests per realm.

However, I find it really annoying when I go to loot a chest, but hey it’s a mimic. I find it annoying to the point that I do not want this Talisman even for an extra 2 chests per realm.

What are the benefits to finding more mimics other than trying to get a mimic core? Do they give better exp? Easy to kill since it’s only 1 enemy? Increase the amount of treasure in the chest?

Who really likes this talisman and why?

It depends on how fast you can kill a mimic. There is a mimic card that doubles the loot from mimic chests. Mimic chests are also entirely different from regular chests so it’s possible that they could drop rare loot not even available from regular chests.

A mimic card that doubles loot. Alright! Does not sound super easy to get, but it sounds like the talisman’s benefits are at least equal to the annoyance for me. As for the specifics of what drops from mimic chests only the creator knows the truth.