Optimize Performance on Switch

Hey, I just got Siralim 3 on the switch, and I found that the game runs a lot slower on the Switch. Are there any settings to optimize performance, or just any way to make the game run faster? Thanks!

I’ve never noticed an issue, even with extremely late-game save files. Did you transfer one of your save files over from another platform? If so, you might need to clear out some gems/artifacts from your inventory or get rid of some creatures if you have several hundred of them.

I deleted about 700 Spell Gems out of my 1000, and the game goes a little faster, but nowhere near the speed on my iPhone and iPad. I hardly have any repeat creatures in my Stable, and I think I have about 300 total. I’ve restarted the Switch and closed the game multiple times. The lag mainly comes when I’m using turbo mode or when I’m in battle (will be at about 20 fps), and it occasionally spikes while walking around. I get rarely any lag in the Nex though, which is odd. I started a new save file to test out the game, and it runs perfectly on a 3 minute save file. Is there anything else I am missing? I have hundreds of materials, I don’t know if that would be an issue.

It’s probably some crazy trait combination you’re using then. What traits are you primarily using? I could take a look and see if there’s a way to optimize them.

I’m using
Aja Birku (Dimensions, Necessitarianism, Evocation)
Spider Oculist (Apprenticeship, Sloth)
Killer Cooler (Hydration, Final Breath)
Imp Hexer (Earthen Attunement, Might Aura)
Lich King (Hail to the King, Pica)
Lich Shadowcaster (Sacrimony, Heretic Blood)

However, on IOS the game runs super smoothly, even with these traits.