Optimizing "Villainy Thrives" (AKA that artifact stealing ability)

Recently I’ve been using a mite interloper to snag artifacts from creatures for salvage fodder to get rare and common materials (because, well, transmute has been heavily nerfed). Since the chance of success is only 10%, I’m trying to figure out ways to make it more efficient. Multistrike doesn’t seem to help, which I should have expected (since the ability triggers “after attacking”, and not “after every attack”).

Is getting more turns to attack the only possible way to trigger this effect more often? Like with Reactive Dragon Wings/Midnight Feast/Cold Blood? Cold Blood seems the best candidate as I can stick Cradle to Grave on another creature to trigger this effect, but this seems like a lot of effort to get a mild convenience in grinding. With the ability to trigger many turns I might as well stick Final Oblation on the Cradle to Grave creature and swap Villainy Thrives for some attacking ability and just delve deeper instead.

Or is there an easier combo?

If you’re only concerned with making sure you hit as many times as possible, equip the Interloper with a Siren Charms enchant and have it attack the next enemy in the action order continuously; that way it’ll get up to six turns by the time your team comes 'round again. A Styx Banshee with the party Leech buff (can’t remember if it’s from the Vampire Bat or the Mutated Vampire Bat) would also make it stupidly durable, since it could always tank one hit with the Styx barrier, hit for minimum damage the next turn, then steal back that 1 HP to max.

Never heard of the Siren Charms enchant before this, thanks for bringing it up! Had the major sigil sitting in my inventory, so I went and got it.

This actually makes for a viable party build for deep realms, especially after slapping on a few status inflict enchants on the mite’s artifact. Sorta tedious, yes, but the mental image of the mite yoinking away enemy artifacts is just too amusing to pass up.

(Also, in deeper realms, most of the enemy creatures seem to come with Lv. 10 artifacts loaded with enchants in every slot.)