Option to disable relic attacks

Please add an option to disable relic attacks.

The attacks generally seam to deal negligible damage, and often slow down the game, so it would be nice to have a toggle to disable the attacks, for either all relics or on a relic by relic attunement basis.

Sometimes I want to attune a relic to my creatures and don’t, simply because the extra attack animations annoy me.


what would be the point of equipping the relics if not for their extra attacks and the effects triggered from them? If it bothers you then maybe just don’t have them attuned and spend your faith in just the boost that applies a % of the artifacts stats to your creatures even when not attuned?

Here’s what I was imagining. Here’s Ferro as an example
I’d take these ranks.

Rank 10: Bearer gains proficient at start of battle (for boosted artifact stats)
Rank 30: Give proficient to another creature at start of turn
Rank 40: Proficient buff is 100% more effective
Rank 60: Bearer immune to disarmed (Put key trait on artifact)
Rank 70: 25% of attack added to potency of spells when proficient.
Rank 100: Bearer gains animated weapons at start of battle.

Often, the point of attuning, say Matterium, is that you can equip spell gems off different colours, while not being an evoker.

I am not attuning matterium, for the 100 or so damage attack every time I cast a spell, against enemies with health in the hundred of thousands…

And the attack slows down play, triggers enemy effects, etc…
Considering the attack in no way benefits me, always slows me down, and often harms me, and that the attack cannot be opted out off, I often don’t attune matterium, even if it makes sense to do so.

Particularly with Materium, the triggered attack seems a bit out of place.

bluequakeralex understands. I suggested being able to opt in and out of ranks earlier, I believe, but at the very least it would be nice to be able to disable the attacks.

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