Option to display mortal and glancing damage + exhaustion

This might be a bit too transparent, but oftentimes I have a hard time telling just how much damage a mortal strike adds or a glancing strike blocks. An option to display a percentage or some sort of hint at the magnitude of the damage amp/reduction would be nice; something like “Creature takes 100 damage (mortal blow, 140%)” or “Creature takes 30 damage (glancing blow, 40%)”. An exact percentage isn’t necessary, though, possibly modifying the name of it based on the damage could be a more “hinty” way; like (strong, mortal, lethal blow) or (weak, glancing, ineffectual). Alternatively, I’m mostly just curious how they work in general - does the damage modifier cap, or what range is it in? If I have 50,000 luck and the enemy creature has 1, will I deal much more damage?

Another “quality of life” addition would be to add how much more damage creatures are taking due to exhaustion in the corner, like near the mana bar; saying “Exhaustion: +20%”; or even just counting the turns. It’s another mechanic I mostly just can’t notice the difference of.

It’s understandable if these suggestions are too “spoilery”, but it can be somewhat difficult to notice the impact of these effects.

I don’t know if adding those numbers would really add much to the experience other than to make new players ask what the percentage means. A mortal strike is the same thing as a critical strike in other games, and a glancing blow is the opposite of that. Both show their total damage numbers and I think that is sufficient.

To answer your question: mortal and glancing blows do have a cap on how much damage they increase/decrease. Otherwise it would turn into a “win more” or “lose more” situation where high level enemies would be dealing 5000x their already-high damage to your creatures, and your creatures would deal 1 damage to those same enemies.

Fun fact: exhaustion is only there to make sure a battle can’t go on forever. Before it was implemented, we ran into a few issues where you’d have one creature left and the enemy would have one creature left, and both could have some kind of healing ability. If both creatures were out-healing the incoming damage, there would be no way for the battle to end, and if you happened to be in a Sigil battle or somewhere you couldn’t run away from, you had to close out of the game and restart it.

Perhaps the place for interesting information like this would be the library? Things like “battle fatigue” where you could read flavored-up text about lengthy battles that include some clarity to what it really does each time it shows up. Perhaps even a “veteran’s wisdom” section that can describe what happens when you land a good hit or avoid taking a direct strike. I think these would be excellent additions to your revamped library. Maybe even implement them dynamically, so they only show up if it’s happened in combat? Can’t talk about a long battle of you’ve never had one, lol.