order of "start of battle" effects

if I have a mauler fiend with eyesore (at the start of battle, convert 80% of defense to attack) and another creature with envy (at the start of battle, set stats to the highest of other creatures respective stats), what order will they occur in?

Ideally eyesore will happen first so envy benefits from the higher attack but I have no idea

The actual situation matches your ideal situation. Eyesore is processed before Envy. Tested using a lv. 1 pit worm tunneler and an eyesore artifact on a higher level creature.

thanks very much

trying another thing, it seems like necessitarianism (At the start of battle, this creature gains 100% Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed but does not gain any stat bonuses from it’s artifact) does not work with envy i.e it happens before envy then is overwritten