OS Error 4294956486

Siralim Ultimate Cannot be opened
Broke after the latest update on July 28th. Steam is zero help on that end.

Please try reinstalling the game.

Should I be worried about my save file?

No, uninstalling won’t delete your save file.

Noice, Sorry bout the. trouble then…

An error occurred while updating Siralim Ultimate (Unknown Error)

Verified the game files, updated Steam, and reinstalled it a couple times. No idea what’s going on with it. I m on a Mac so I apologize in advance.

After completing several updates, reinstalls, and verifying the files, Siralim Ultimate says
“You can’t open Siralim Ultimate because this app isn’t supported on this Mac”

Encountering same error on macos monterey (12.4).

bad CPU type in executable, can’t figure this out its driving me nuts

Ah, I think I know the solution to that one. I’m working on a patch now which should fix it. I’ll have it available ASAP (an hour or two at the most, hopefully) and will post here when it’s ready.

To anyone else having issues: try reinstalling the game and restarting Steam because that does seem to work for most people, but if you’re receiving the “unsupported CPU” error then please wait for the patch.

The patch is up now - just restart Steam to make sure it updates the game. Let me know if you still have issues!

Its up now, but my save is blank… had 110 hours in… The cloud backup is also blank…

Do you have any files in ~/Library/Application Support/com.thylacinestudios.siralimultimate/save? And what was your cloud ID?

Maybe it just. doesn’t recognize them? I had some backup save files and they are 2.1 mb large but Siralim ultimate isn’t seeing them when I boot up

I tried backing them up after reinstalling it.

Apparently that was too late. I should have thought about it prior and I have no idea what my siralim ultimate cloud ID was… I could tell you what the blank one is but I’m fairly sure it would be worthless.

This is just a “I should have kept all my saves and whatnot backed up” moment. I just hadn’t thought about it before I couldn’t open the program. The reason I had asked you prior was because I was under the assumption that reinstalling the game wouldn’t affect my save logs. Now we both know Mac apparently deletes them or something. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a large save file that I invested time in vanish, and much like those times I just feel drained and sad that in my rush to fix the problem I might’ve just screwed myself royally.

Uninstalling/reinstalling a game definitely won’t delete your save files - I just tried it myself to confirm.

Do you have any files in ~/Library/Application Support/com.thylacinestudios.siralimultimate/save? They should still be there - the only way they’d be gone is if you deleted them manually.

There are files there (2.1 MB each .sav and .bak) but booting up Siralim Ultimate I can only go to cloud storage, which is blank, and new game.

Could you please attach the .sav file in a post here? You could also PM it to me if you’d rather it remain private.

slot1.sav (2 MB)
I mean if its blank I don’t see the harm.