Other uses for Cores

I think it would be healthy for the game to add a secondary use for Cores. I was thinking something along the lines of combining X amount of Cores to create their respective creature’s legendary crafting material, but I’m not completely sold on that idea because it would take away from the rarity and surprise from finding these materials in the wild. I’m also apprehensive because I don’t want people to feel obligated to spam a bunch of Charms and go through the tedious chore of extracting from 100 of the same creature all in a row - that’s boring and not fun at all.

Any ideas?

I like the idea of combining cores, but not for their legendary material.

I have several ideas, maybe you’ll like one (I’m kind of bad at explaining things so tell me if you don’t understand something):

  • Combine them to create special items/artifacts (probably one for each race, since one of every creature would be too much work). Kind of like Persona 3’s heart items.

  • Trade 100 (?) cores for that creature’s Card.

  • Use them as currency to upgrade a creature.
    - Option 1: You upgrade the stats of a creature in your party with cores of its species (I’m using the word species to refer to a single creature type, like “Mana Vortex”, as opposed to just “Vortex” which would be the race). This option should probably have a limit of times you can upgrade a creature. This could allow the player to customize a creature, kind of like EVs in Pokémon. Or each race could have different upgrades to choose from instead of just stats.

    - Option 2: Like Option 1, but you upgrade the species itself, so the bonus is applied to every creature of that species you'll ever have.
    - Option 3: The same as option 2, but you upgrade an entire race. This option would make more sense if you want the bonuses to be applied in a castle facility instead of just an NPC. Something like a room that has space for 10 "Totems", which would force you to choose your 10 favorite races because that's all the space you have. Maybe you have to find the Totem first as a rare item? By Totem I mean something like "Totem of Giants", which, when placed in that room, would allow you to use any Giant's cores to purchase upgrades for the Giant race. Maybe the room starts with just 1 space and you have to keep upgrading it.
    - Option 4: In case you think Option 3 is too complicated. Just having a Totem installed gives a bonus (specific to each race), and you pay cores to level up the Totem (they should probably have a maximum level, though).

I’ll try to think of some more.

One simple way to keep the rarity and surprise aspect while still allowing players to specifically hunt and / or farm for a legendary material they need is to add a secondary material to combine the cores with that’s somewhat rarer than a legendary material - basically functioning as a wild card material if you have the cores. This also means the core requirement can be relatively small and non-grindy (like 4-10). Another option could be something sort of similar to the gem combiner that turned 3 gems into a new gem in Siralim 2; combine a handful of extra cores and get a random new one. (though likely only chosen from creatures that you would be able to find at the current time to avoid sequence breaking with it)

Also, possibly allowing the player to change the type of a Sigil with cores, if this option is still relevant considering Siralim 3’s game mechanics. From what I can recall, in Siralim 2, you could only randomly shuffle the creature type. Being able to set it to a specific creature family with a few cores would also assist with targeted farming of specific materials.

I’m not really a fan of being able to buy a creature’s card. Those are a lot rarer and a lot more optional than materials are, so if anything, they should be the ones you have to find randomly, not the material :stuck_out_tongue: On the other hand, I’m always a fan of ways to work around the RNG and help the player seek out specific items, but I agree that it shouldn’t just be as simple as “give someone a bunch of cores and get the material”.

That would be fine. A very rare item that turns into a specific legendary material after applying some cores.

There are some creatures than can’t be extracted, like Dumplings in S2, though. So I don’t really like my third idea anymore.

Just a random thought. Zack, remember when I poroposed bringing racial lore back ? How about unlocking it, say, letter by letter with respective creature Cores ?

Maybe an NPC that buys cores for random loot, kind of like S2’s Runemaster?

Just a random thought: how about new system to synth spellgems from combinations of particular cores ?

What about a castle upgrade?

“Contraband Mechant”: You trade X Similar cores to get next Items:

-“Random core”: One random core.
-“Undiscovered core”: One random core of a creature that you dont have. This one could give you a “epic core”(AKA in siralim II as skinned creature)for example:

10 similar cores -> low roll, like 1% chance to get an epic core.
30 similar cores -> mid roll, like 5% chance.
50 similar cores -> high roll, like 10% chance.
100 similar cores -> highest roll, like 25% chance.

I leave this comment as a idea, numbers is a thing that you should balance, as others said before, they could trade other cool things, but core x cores is not a bad thing.

i love all the suggestions in this thread.

ways to use cores to buy creatures, materials ect
more gambling, more upgrading, more everything!

I am looking forward to hearing Zack’s thoughts on the Sigil system in S3.

Because Cores are linked a creature race, it seems like there should be a way for them to interact with the sigil system.

A new special item called “Master Core” works like siralim 1 nether orbs kinda.

Go out, very rare drop of a Master Core that grants random perks such as bonus atk, def, hp etc to all creatures, % bonus stat to all creatures, the sky is the limit with combinations. Setup is like an artifact but the unlocked master core can’t be changed for what it offers. To unlock a master core requires many cores to be used, can be combination of any core + specific cores. Better the perks / higher the master core the more expensive the cost to unlock.

So say something like this,
Master Core V (5 perks)

  • 245 attack to your creatures
  • 14% HP to your creatures
    +38% more crystal from resource objects
  • Your creatures start battle with mend
  • 18 to max creature level

Cost to unlock
(72 any core, 8 specific, 5 specific)

Something like this would be really cool.
Master Core could vary from 1-10 and better perk bonus possible the higher the realm level. Possibly post game content, only found from boss chests?

Also add a way to hold up to 3? At once using many deity points.
I dunno I like the idea, using cores to work towards crafting something awesome reminds me of siralim 1 days lol

  • Every extra core of a creature could increase the chance of finding a shiny of that specific creature.

  • cores could have rarity tiers, if the creature you’re extracting from meets certain criteria you’d either get a common, uncommon, rare or legendary core. Furthermore you’ll need at least 5(ex) cores in order for a summon to succeed. The rarer the core the better the initial stats are. Aside from this, cores can be used to possibly boost certain stats during breeding.