Our Paypal shop is now open for late backers, as well as new add-on content!

Throughout the duration of our Kickstarter campaign, I received a lot of requests from people to offer an alternative way to pay for early access and backer content for Siralim Ultimate. I realize that a lot of countries don’t use credit cards, so many of you were unable to support our Kickstarter.

In order to rectify this issue, I have opened up a shop on our website where you can pledge for any of the Kickstarter tiers, as well as purchase “add-on” content using PayPal.

While all payments are processed through PayPal, you don’t need a PayPal account to make a purchase - you can simply pay with a debit or credit card instead.


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Thanks a bunch, just backed the project successfully! Cheers!

if we backed on kickstarter would it be possible to upgrade our tier through paypal?

Thank you for your support!

Logistically, that’s a tough one - I’ll look into it and get back to you tomorrow with an answer! Thanks for your support!

@Zack Hey, a question. I bought Siralim Ultimate ($18) backer tier copy of the game. I’m considering on buying the addons Alpha + Beta Access Keys ($15) as well. Will i be able to use the same account/key and keep my in game progress through this development cycle from Alpha to finnished game or will i need to start over at some point with a new account/key?

I’m asking this cause I’m buying the tiers separately via paypal. Thanks!

EDIT: Went on and bought the alpha/beta access as well, hope it’s possible, cheers!

Your progress won’t be intentionally wiped at any point, so unless some horrible bug happens, you’ll be able to continue playing the same save file(s) you start during alpha forever.

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Great! I was just worried that I would have 2 different keys/accounts since i didn’t get the package that had them both included:

Alpha Access ($32)

  • Alpha Access (Steam)
  • Includes all content from previous tiers

Instead I got the same content but in two different packages:

Siralim Ultimate ($18)

  • Digital copy of the game (Steam, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch)
  • Early Access (if you choose Steam as your digital copy)
  • Appear in credits, sorted by backer tier

Alpha + Beta Access Keys ($15)

  • Steam only
  • This does not include Early Access or full release of the game

Hopefully my explanation made sense. Thanks for the reply and keep up the amazing work!

Sorry for taking a bit to get back to you on this - unfortunately, it isn’t feasible to allow people to upgrade their Kickstarter tiers via PayPal as it would leave far too much room for error. Is there a certain pledge reward you were hoping for? I might be able to add it to the store page as an add-on depending on what it is.