Overhead not working

I know life isn’t the most popular but I can’t be the only one seeing Overheal fail to work. If I’m at full hp with Overheal healing spells and mend still don’t do anything even though the perk says you can trigger healing effects while at full hp

Certain spells and effects aren’t considered a heal unless they actually restore HP. Mend is one of them, unfortunately. It’s been like this since Sirilim 1.
If it says “restores health”, it’s probably not a true heal and will not work with Overheal.

Honestly, it’s pretty confusing. You don’t know what is/isn’t a heal and will work with Overheal until you actually experiment.

The game should just use “heal” only rather than “restores HP”, or define what actually works with Overheal and what doesn’t.

In S2, mend, all healing spells, and all healing traits worked with Overheal unless it said “heals a % of missing health”

Found the problem, thanks!