Overpowered teams

With Siralim 3 almost here I figured it is time to give out what is the most overpowered build that i have found and am wondering what your strongest builds are.

My team is a Lone Wolf based build

Monsters/Artifacts Trait:

Horror Hound/Beast Within
Blood Hound/Jailbreak
Hell Hound/Ruby Attunement
Panic Hound/Collective Unconscious
Dread Hound/Pharaoh’s Boon

Nether creature:
Terror Hound
Nether creature traits:
Nether Aura: Defense
Eye of the Thylacine
Bathed in Light
(Artifact)Double take

Artifact grants shell at start of the battle


Spells Gems:
Nether creature: Volcano, Fury Swipes, Lionheart, Holy Protection, Acid Rain, Charm of Life
The rest: Necrosis, Necromantic Armor, Unholy Confessions, Shadow Infusion, Bone Armor, Dark Enchantment
All spell gems have either cast when hit, on hit, or both of those
Only about half of the slots on the creatures are filled. The nether creature is the exception.

This build is killing stuff 22x its average level and 200x its average gene str. It is also killing lv 10 sigils with relative ease. This is approaching the limits of the build unless i fill out the rest of my gems but that makes the game take far to long.

This could probably go a while longer if one were to put more deity points in the creature tab. currently spell slots is maxed with only 25 points in damage reduction.

My turn.

The God Killer

(I use a Forsaken Bonescrapper with a Retro skin that makes it looks like a little doll).
Scatter Shot
Blood Crazed
(Artifact) Paradigm

Death Shield
Start Battle with Invis

Defy Light, Cast at Start
Sabotage, Casts 1 Additional Time, Casts on Extra Target, Costs 30% Health.

This build can kill ANYTHING regardless of level, as long as Defy Light is autocast at Start or it gets a turn in to cast manually.

Im not speaking ultimate builds. but have come to pretty solid one
Centaur chaser / last sting (300% damage, dies after) with cast on death stuff - damage, mind control, elemental barrage, stampede, rabid dementia
thrasher fiend with wrecking ball mostly to stun with aftermath (cast on extra enemy and 1 additional time) if needed
phase knight to negate reflect/bleed with resilence aura artifact (revives if enemy is killed)
raven batmaster with immune to silence/scorn artifact
frenzy ghoul with immune to sleep/snare
artifact : auto scorn on 1 turn
speed aura with +100% stats for self/+15% highest stat on cast for all (misery brain) / + give 20% attack/speed on death for all (scyllas gift), imo id do it better w/o 100% stats for self but with disposability to carry over buffs on death
basically you can go all trigger/autocast in almost an endless loop with infernal charges/dementia/stampede whatever on tough fights (1 eq set)
or just leave some acid rain/snowstorms/lightning storms with at start of battle triggers for 1-3 shotting easy content w/o too much lags.
it does lv 10 sigils pretty ok, it cant do high gods at the moment, it can do other bosses/ pretty high content with full cast, but mostly its for mindless quickplay
sigil mods that will wreck it: immune to debuffs/cant ressurect/immune to spells
but well its just a bit of granite or trash it
immune to buffs/to class is viable
idk as i said its just pretty solid, not overpowered
rune : enemies with scorn have no traits
gene: no int, speed - highest stat, some hps (combo of berserker etc fiends + mauler to fix even stats + pit worm obliterator to fix low hp when needed)

edit its chaos mage for extra class fo gems and damage scaled off current hp + culling on extract