Overworld additions

Some random ideas for the overworld/realms.

Regarding creatures:

Battle Initiative:
When you manage to initiate a creature battle by walking against the overworld creature sprites’ back, you’ll do a surprise attack, likewise if a creature hits the player’s back they do a surprise attack.

Overworld AI:
Creatures have different/random lines of sight, when a creature notices you an icon/effect shows this.
Some creatures give up chasing you after a few moves.
Some creatures alert other nearby creatures of your presence in the current room, attracting them.
Some rare creatures try to avoid you, this indicates they carry something of more value, if they manage to leave the players’ line of sight they vanish completely.
Some creatures have invisibility frames, alternating between visible-invisible.

Regarding new tiles:
Quicksand/Swamp: Every tile you move, enemies get to move twice. Creatures are slowed down by these tiles as well, making hunting more fun with creatures that try to avoid you, you can now drive them towards these tiles.

Bush/Cave: safe place, creatures that were following you now stop following you.

Please pitch in with your overworld ideas as well! Let’s spruce up exploration and add in a layer of preperation as well!

A good idea, in S2, the over world was all just “get the chests and favour items, fight the monsters”.
It was a bit boring. But with this new tactical element to the landscape, the game will be much more interesting.
I would also suggest the following creature gang types. But there should be a way to discern them from one another, maybe special icons, like the buffs/debuffs in battle?

the gang of enemies consists of one creature, it has 300% more attack health, defence, and is immune to any effects that should cause it to lose its turn.

Horde: all enemy creatures have 80% less attack, health, and defense, whenever one of the enemy creatures dies, it is replaced by another random creature with a 50% chance of this event to happen, up to 2 times.