Ozwald's Custom Made Creature Ideas

For grins and giggles I have been making up Siralim creatures. One batch I came up with I really liked the idea of and wanted to show off to ya’ll. I noticed there aren’t many monsters that focus on the timeline, so I decided to design a species that does so: the Timekeepers, living winged cuckoo clocks that that can influence time. They belong to the Sorcery class and all their traits involve the timeline. I will detail their name, appearance, and traits. Constructive criticism and suggestions would be much appreciated!

Timekeeper Visionary
A classic wooden cuckoo clock with an owl head popping out of it, it has two broad brown wings that are covered in vines, the weights beneath it are pinecones.
Saw It Coming: After this creature’s place in the timeline is changed, the next time it is damaged it will dodge all damage.

Timekeeper Chronomancer
A fancy purple cuckoo clock with a raven head popping out, its wings are made of swirling magic, the weights beneath it are silvery and pillar-like
Temporal Friction: Enemies that move through the timeline take damage equivalent to 80% of this creature’s intelligence.

Timekeeper Astronomer
A blue shell-like cuckoo clock with a turtle head popping out, its feathered wings are dark and covered in stars, the weight beneath it is a classic pendulum
Stars’ Favor: When any creature is moved through the timeline, your creatures regain health equivalent to 50% of this creature’s max health.

Timekeeper Gear Bandit
A ragged brown cuckoo clock with a maniacal looking condor head popping out, you can see its inner workings through some cracks in the clock, its wings are clockwork and falling apart, the weights beneath it are two long metal claws one of which is holding a gear
Thieving Paradox: When an enemy tries to move to the top of the timeline, there is a 50% chance this creature moves to the top instead.

Timekeeper Doomsayer
A dark gothic looking cuckoo clock with a human skull popping out, its wings are twisted and bat-like, the weight beneath it is a sharp torture pendulum, as in the one that Poe wrote about
Knock You Into Last Week: Whenever this creature Attacks or Casts a single-target spell, there is a 20% chance they will move the targeted enemy to the bottom of the timeline

Timekeeper Prophet
A golden cathedral-like cuckoo clock with a lion head popping out of it, it has four angelic wings, its weights are three pendulums that each look like a celestial body: one is the sun, another the moon, and the last is a star
Unchangeable Destiny: Any enemy attempts at changing this creature’s position in the timeline will fail and make this creature cast Mind Fizzle

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