paid content

Would it be possible to use the ‘send a code’ feature coupled with a payment system to have new content for siralim 1?

…this is the premise of what I was thinking,

Paid features would be contained in an item container like a seed for example, the seed would be planted in a small pot (which is included in price, and just allows the player to have a plant in his castle without you having to create a new garden room) allow the player to place the pot in a coridoor, room, whatever (in the castle only) and after every x amount of cleared realms have the plant grow and eventually yield something…
…these things wouldn’t necessarily have to be limited to plants and seeds (ie: Alchemy kit, crystal machine, etc)
…could also allow lv10 gems to upgrade any purchased kits?

…with the new possible content update for s1 (glad to hear it, btw) there’ll be revived interest again… Content updates periodically with possible further paid content might go over well, the engine & ‘world’ of s1 is great just needs a few little things to pursue in there to give it longevity over the years…

Happy new year