Palettes not changing for fusion (Android)

  • Version 1.06 on Android 10, using a A80plus

I love this game, it’s amazing and I love it top to bottom. Unfortunately, the Fusion palette seems to be broken for me, as all of the palettes are identical. I’m not having any issues with the monsters themselves, and I’ve tried every combination of monsters I currently have at depth 9. Colorize does not allow me to access the color variants.

As an additional note, I started as a Animator, in case that is somehow relevant to the issue at hand.

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Just as an update, I’ve gotten down to 40+ and can safely say that fused enemy monsters also lack palette changes, if that helps answer anything.

Same here, on a Lenovo Tablet, also game version 1.0.6. No gameplay issues, just the cosmetic.

This will be addressed in an upcoming patch, thanks!