Pallida - at least add dont stack property

its ridiculous on how you/enemies can perform having even 2 of those. it seems those stack since 2 terra vulpes on enemy team instead of one often results in 10 ish spells cast on you (instead of 0-3). more if its a sigil with copy your gems. not even saying about trivializing content having more than one of those properties in your party.
i play mostly manual cast now since its faster and ofc it irriates me a lil.

It’s stacking properly. The issue is that it’s stacking…

Rather than an additive effect, they stack multiplicatively.
So each gem you have has a separate 15% chance to cast per Pallida and each gem can fire once per Pallida. With multiple copies of the trait, you can get 10+ casts easily.

Even just one can mean insta-win with decent spell gems.

Sirilim 3 moved on from the cast at start fest that was Sirilim 2. I was shocked this trait was still in the game, to be honest.

i think its ok to have this trait, its just too much to have its stacking, and yes, it stacks multiplicatively, your gems have independent 15% chance to be cast for each pallida, enemies ones as well though, so meeting group of 2 terra vulpes may mean they ll cast some random junk on you for half a minute easly. Or if its a sigil when they get your gems it gets worse, cuz yep its my gems, not some junk, they cast for 2 minutes then :stuck_out_tongue:

It would actually be slightly more overpowered if it were stacking additively.

A 30% chance to cast a spell yields you 0,3 spells on average. As do two separate 15% chances. The variance is higher in the latter case, since you will get 0-2 spells instead of 0-1, but since there is diminishing returns on some spells (think Mutilate for example), additive stacking would effectively be a little more powerful.