Pandemonium rebirth bug

So I just got done fighting in the tavern and faced off against 2 griffins and other creatures. Mostly unnoteworthy. However 3 had artifacts with pandemonium rebirth. While one is no big deal 3 isnt supposed to be. In the description they said if more than one instance of the ability is on a team then it isnt supposed to activate.

Oh trust me it did. The team was completely unkillable as killing all or any of the three just revived all of the others for free.

That’s intended. They won’t all work at the same time, but when a creature dies its trait is no longer in effect, so one of the other 2 will activate.

So having two makes your team unkillable?

Sorry duplicate

There’s a limit of resurrections per battle and ways to prevent resurrection, so not unwinnable.