Pandemonium token cap is more than annoying

Hi Guys,

first of all, I love Siralim 3. I am at charackter lvl 5100 and there is currently only one thing I can not stand. As the title suggests, it is the cap of the Pandemonium tokens. I read your explanation, but for me it is just a cut into the way I wanna play. I want to use the Pandemonium tokens, but I also wanna farm Itherium realms and do not want to go into normal realms after every Itherium realm.
So currently I get 10 to 15 then a few more from merchants and after I finished my 50 Itherium realms I go into normal realms and use the few Pandemonium tokens. I do not want to hord them, I just want to play the way I want and when I want it and do not want to be forced to go into normal realms just to use the Pandemonium tokens.
Maybe it is only me, but I feel like I left out a lot of great loot if I do not use the pandemonium tokens and only thinking about it consumes a part of my enjoyment from the game and my will to play it. Sounds extreme, but thats the feelings I have about that.

Apart from that, I never saw a game that well made! I hope I will enjoy the game some more time and I am looking forward to future updates and your new game.
Keep up the great work, and do not feel bad about one thing one player can not stand =)

Thanks for the feedback! Plenty of people seem to dislike the cap, so I’m going to remove the cap in the next patch.

Thank you so much. I am looking forward to the patch and meantime play “a little bit” Siralim 3 :smiley: