Pandemonium tokens, a few notes + few bugs

  1. Currently pandemonium tokens is one of few sources of extra emblems, with emblem drop rate from my experience being like 5%, roughly 1 per 20 tokens if trying bigger numbers, its almost pointless to use less then 100 per time if you aint just for resrouce boost/buff or a fight
  2. Buffs - it doesnt take buffs allready awarded, so can give you multicast 5 times, not bad just annoying
  3. Creature spawn - can go well over the realm cap, so far its not causing crashes but you might spawn 50+ enemies i think and 4+ golems
  4. Treasure chest spawn - if possible make it so subsequent spawns are added in one same chest before its looted
    Also a bug here - if you spam those tokens you sometimes get switched into talismans inventory menu. and most often that happends after getting a chest spawn
  5. Fight - all good. Apart sometimes after getting in invisible and making first cast you get immediately interrupted by king/whole company full turn and only after your cast is resolved (rare, happened like 2 times in around 1k tokens used) [Or just make traders offer more emblems/tokens forsale, currently its 0-3 of each, usually 1 each)

Suggestion: maybe add a way of use em all, give a summary, then proceed all consequtive fights in a row? Or make em being used until boss fight spawns? Just make it a lil less inventory selecting?
Smaller suggestion: dont close inventory window unless a boss fight spawns. Currently it also closes on getting gem/emblem, if its possible to circumvent it somehow, would be cool, since spamming your usual 200-300 tokens and selecting em over and over from consumables menu sorta tedious.

Also on a very small note i know you have lots things to do, but if it would be possible to turn PU thingie on when you ll have time on schedule that would make emblem grind a lil less enormous (after reaching certain level and not having emblems, im now almost have em, and almost 5 levels more gained:P) //Or maybe just make traders sell more emblems/tokens currently its 0-3 each, usually 1 each.

Not to mention the joke gets less funny after the first time :wink:

do any of the messages actually do anything?