Paradox Mechanic Question

The wording for the Paradox perk/anointment is: “Your creatures can trigger healing effects even while they’re at full health”. Does this only work with artifact spell gems? I tried a combo where I was using Soul Sucker( After your creatures cast a damaging spell, they recover health equal to 30% of the damage dealt), Mender’s Oath (After your creatures are healed, they heal your other creatures for 25% of this amount. Your healing is reduced by 50%) , and Rise Above ( After your creatures are healed, they gain 5% of that amount as maximum health) But when I go to put it into practice, that perk doesn’t seem to be interacting with these mechanics at all, as if the perk isn’t active. I even looked in the logs and they are definitely not working with this perk. Is this working as intended?