Parallels between Siralim and MTG!

Zack, are you a magic: the gathering player?

5 colors - red green white black and blue(purple?)

Each color has a favored play style (given by the spells and creatures in that color and the mage types in siralim.)

Complicated interactions between spells and abilities, but still well enough described that you can figure it out most of the time

A “stack” of spells that gets resolved in order, each action can lead to a cascade of events. some things can interrupt the stack

I’m sure there are more that I’m missing

Not a MTG player myself, but I can definitely see the parallels you’re seeing! I’ve played MTG online a few times, but that’s pretty much my extent of experience with the game.

Fun fact: the number of classes ended up being a trimmed down version of my original plan: Life, Earth, Forest, Death, Sorcery, Chaos, and Air. Obviously, Earth and Forest were later combined into Nature, and Air was removed and distributed to each of the remaining classes.