Hello…Zack, is it?

Have you ever thought of stepping forward and producing a sequel to this title, maybe with a more elaborated 2D, with animations, or even in 3d? I could provide for both technical and artistical part, we could manage to settle up some sort of kickstarter. E-mail me if you are interested or want to know more :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your interest!

I’m hard at work on a new game right now, but it’s not Siralim 3. People who like Siralim will love the new game, but it’s definitely very different. Outside of that, the graphics are very much improved and the production value is much higher than the Siralim games. So that’ll be occupying my time for the foreseeable future. I appreciate the offer and will definitely keep it in mind later on, though!

Thank you for your answer!

Main reason i was interested in proposing you that is that i couldn’t find a way to manually add my personal 2D sprites in the game, as Siralim 2 being a single .exe file.

When i was a kid i spent countless hours playing Dragon Quest Monsters and your game fills me up of nostalgy and joy about remembering those fun moments.

I also liked it’s art style and being an artist myself i thought, “why not working for a similar title since it would be so much fun?”

I understand being proposed this by some unknown random guy from the internet could be so meaningless; but who knows, maybe not.

Again, anytime you can ask for my email so i can speak and show in detail what i do and what i can do (for the future)

Have a nice day!

I’d still be interested in seeing your work for future reference! Please send me an e-mail,!