Patch and difficulty

I remember reading that deeper realms didn’t scale well with character level and that this was supposed to be fixed in the next patch. However, 1.2.0 doesn’t seem to address this. How easy do deeper realms become? Also, what is the max. realm level? I am currently on realm level 3, and will soon be realm level 4.



Im not sure but I think someones broken realm 1500 or so already.
Things get pretty crazy later on and percentage builds are the only ones that can keep going.

There’s a funny difficulty bump at the beginning. Custom artifacts will get you by it the fastest, followed by your first nether.

The deepest realm levels most players can reasonably expect to get to is around 80-120. At that point many stat builds begin to lose effectiveness as the exponentially scaling monster levels become heavily problematic. Maximized builds with all Nethers / Nether Demons can get deeper, but I top out a few floors short of 220 without using spell spam.

Percentage builds have evaporated in the recent patches, but there are still a number of methods that completely ignore enemy stats to achieve victory, among them Paranormal Jellies and Raven Ritualists. These teams, barring specific counters (Bone Reaper + Mortarsman), can go infinitely deep.

There is no max realm level, nor even an effective one. One of the early patches stabilized the number engine well into the trillions, and I don’t think even Kejal’s tried to give the new one a heart attack yet.