Patch First Impressions


Poison: Much more effective on lower floors. May be ineffective on higher floors. Initial impression that base Attack stats (28/22 for Noxious/Necropolis) may cause trouble.

Burn: Viable, depending on mechanics. Inflictor base stats are 34/32/28 (Flamegrip/Magma Golem/Scourge Mummy). Catching Fire buff helps as well.

Disease/Infection: Plaguebearer much more viable now that you can make a full-Topaz Nether and have both status scale off its stats. Ghoul’s Grip no longer a one-shot kill (necessary debuff). Pestilent Smog is now horrible (base 8 speed/ 10 luck).

Minotaur Skullcrusher: Bad now. Lost sustainabilty.

Moltenarmor: Hallelujah, no more threat of instant death from Flaring Efreet on early floors! Totally necessary debuff.

Jinx: Good stuff, more stat-based, along with other patch changes making Luck a real build type now.

Does status damage scale with the initial stack creator’s Attack or the attack of the latest inflictor? The latter will make Moon Hunter / Flamegrip much more viable.



HP continues to be indirectly debuffed - now HP boosts are pretty much meaningless except for Frostfire/Redeemer builds. Alcazar/Proliferator are much better; Carnage Antagonizer sucks (base 28 attack and attack-based ability). Luck builds improved with Reroute to Remain/Mirror’s Truth buff. Brownie Mauler mildly buffed.



Sorcery builds buffed heavily; improved Rain of Embers / Cosmic Wrath / Soulburn / Suffocation now based off of caster Spellpower, which improves dedicated caster builds tremendously. Probably needs some effect that boosts Spellpower to be made most effective.

Executive Summary:

Smog creatures suck now, casters FTW. Everybody on the Alcazar wagon!

Overall Rating: GOOD STUFF, rebalancing most builds on a level with each other.

I think you’ll find that poison is pretty great, actually. I had to nerf it three times during my testing because the damage stacking becomes insane.

Keep in mind that poison damage is based on the percentage of attack applied (which is added from multiple sources each time it is applied consecutively) multiplied by the number of stacks (up to 10), so even if a creature doesn’t have a whole lot of Attack, it’s still adding stacks (the multiplier).

Burn and Poison attack can be added to the debuff indefinitely.

. . . oooooooooh. That was my main concern; if it was just a flat 5% of the original inflictor’s attack, it would hurt the original damage indefinitely. But you did foresee that, evidently . . .

Bravo, indeed.

Seems to me that the Piercing Dragon Claws ability nerf kinda makes Dragon soldiers useless.

Previously, they were a good way to pound through (eventually) provoking Mummy Lords. Now it doesn’t have the ability to do anything significantly to them… :frowning:

I like it better, actually. Give the Lord status, watch it rip off 50% of its health, and then smack it with Claws for a 50% max health reduction. Not to mention it now has much better synergy with attack boosts - giving a Dragon Soldier a Dissection sword previously made its skill pointless (you did so much damage reducing max health by 25% was meaningless) but now your ability to nerf healing is exactly as high as your damage potential, all the time.

I’d say it was more of a buff as an enemy. There are a few ways to use it on your team, but it changed it from an opponent I basically never cared about to one that can be pretty dangerous early.

Haven’t got around to the patch yet. If I play on PC, is Steam now required to play updates post 2.0.13?


My two cents, as someone still using a farming team and working through the creature tiers…

The ability changes made a lot of enemies much more dangerous. My first encounter with an Omnipotent Deity, on realm level one, resulted in a complete wipe because one corpse explosion on either side can result in a chain reaction that wipes out the whole team. Resin is also hitting much harder than before, even on low realm levels. At the very least, I think Calamity shouldn’t be able to trigger off of itself.

One change I haven’t seen anyone talk about yet is the taunt nerf. I can see why it was probably changed, so that it doesn’t make provoke useless, but it also seems like the nerf made a number of “attack-pumping tank” creatures (like the Winter Aspect) a lot less useful. Unless I’m missing something obvious, of course.

Believe it or not, the Calamity change was a heavy nerf, because previously it could be used for an infinite-depth build. Now it’s more dangerous on the enemy’s side.

The Taunt nerf’s been brought up a few times, mainly in relation to Minotaur Behemoth, who gains the buff naturally when struck.

Oh, I’m fully aware that it was a nerf for infinite depth builds. It just made these abilities much more powerful in the hands of the enemy at the same time and makes realm one a lot more threatening than it used to be. I’m not sure if that was intended or not.

Besides how the taunt nerf seemed to mess up creatures like the Winter Aspect and Minotaur Juggernaut, it’s also making me learn to really, really hate the death realm. Gah.

Welcome aboard the death realm hate-train, lol. I just stay away from there, seriously. Death by random snares are just not fun.

Personally, I don’t use heal spells/effects, so I loathe the Life Realm Link effect far more than anything else.

My main attackers getting cold in the winter realm can send things down the drain fast. At least I have Haste to offset that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Life Realm is excused though, as its by far the best place to farm Exalted Emblems early game. The Death Realm is just… Death Realm’y.

Personally I have a hard time picking a least favourite Realm. Death, Nature and Winter all seem pretty bleh to me. But I adore the Sorcery Realm and the Dungeon Realm is a close second.

Yeah, I’d say the Death realm is probably the worst, if only because the snare effect is so common. Link in the Life realm is so rare I’m unlikely to see it in any given realm, and the slipping on ice in the Winter realm is annoying, but usually not so bad because you have multiple attackers and it only lasts one turn. The snare effect, on the other hand, happens near every fight and can last more than one turn, specifically targeting a creature which is designed to keep your other creatures alive. It’s custom-made to screw teams over.

Death realm is one of the few realms I actually go to, lol. That granite. I dislike chaos realm personally.

Not related to disliking any realm, but I always expect to be able to uncover the map across the lava tiles, then realize they act as walls, lol.

Favourites are Grassland and Dungeon, the loot is strong in these ones. (.)–< /\ /\ /\

Same with empty sky somehow blocking sight in Life realms. I always thought that was strange, too.

At least I’m not the only one thrown off by the wall-less walls. XP