PC cloud save not saving

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I currently picked Siralim 3 back up and was playing on PC when I wanted to take it to my phone and pick it back up there. I tried to export the save file, Says the save file was successfully ported, but then when I went to find it again the save file shown never changed.

I have repeated the process from my phone as well and the save does not update even though it says it updated successfully. I have verified the ID. I have updated the save on my PC, then went to check it while still being on my PC just in case I missed something and the file still had not updated. No idea if I am doing something wrong, if I have missed something. everything is as updated as it should be I think. Just let me know if I am being silly or not.

Edit:: upon further investigation, I can download the one I have saved to the cloud to my PC just fine, and I have a really old save that I can upload just fine, so the issue seems to only be with my primary save file.

Some people run into this issue when their save files are too big - which is almost always because they have too many artifacts and spell gems. Try salvaging/grinding them and that should help.

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Good afternoon,

That makes sense, ill see about giving that a try, thank you!