PC / iOS Differences

So, I normally play iOS, but I went ahead and picked up the classic version for posterity, and also because I love the hell out of this thing. I immediately noticed that something approaching a third of the creatures have different skills - sometimes just little reworks, like defining the length of the Red Storm’s stun, and some much larger ones, like the Phase Spellblade trading auto-Sap for a Pad(x) multibuff for each class of creature in your party, or the Pit Worm Tunneller’s health max buffing on iOS.

I have to ask, did you change the abilities up for iOS just to spice the game up a little, or has the console updated quicker than the iOS to more balanced creatures? I know pushing updates through Apple is mildly excruciating, at least.

The iOS version is behind everything else - and unfortunately, it usually is. Android updates are released almost instantly, Windows/Mac typically take 1-2 days to release (but they’ll be instant once it’s released on Steam), and iOS takes anywhere from 6 to 10 days. It’s been about 7 days since we sent Apple the newest version so it should be out any day now.