Performance feedback

As of 2.1.7, on a Galaxy Tab 4:

Noticed this first time I played 2.1.0, just wasn’t sure if it was my imagination or not. Enemy buff/debuff icons seem to be causing a huge performance hit, somehow. Enough of 'em at once, and they hurt the control response.

Game load times, hell yes, whatever you did there reduced load times by nearly 80%. And realms came out even better, with a nether realm loading as fast as a boss level used to. Nice work.

Thank you for your feedback!

+1 to this awesomeness!

Definate big improvement.
On a note though I can mirror Wulfe’s observation. Whilst the lag is far less than what it was there is some in battles that appears to be linked either to buff/debuff icons, or the stacked effects themselves.

Confirmed this after seeing a mildly laggy battle (with fully stacked mobs and party) go to literally zero lag when my Wolpertinger random casted a remove all buff/debuff spell on the entire field.

Mass Dispel was what confirmed it for me, too.

Upon further analysis, it appears that enemy de/buffs cause a hang every half second or so. The duration of the hang is affected by both the number of de/buffs and the number of enemies.

Upon even further analysis, the hang is there regardless, and affected by the number of creatures. De/buffs appear to exacerbate it. The hang occurs even when giving your own creatures commands, so it’s something constant.

With the other performance improvements… If this is fixed, battles will be extremely fast.