Perks with unlimited ranks

This is a suggestion more for the big balance changes coming but I think every mage should have at least one perk with no maximum rank. I just learned Nature already has one in the Dodge perk. Even if you aren’t a fan of dodge mechanics as they are now that is pretty cool.

I have just maxed out all my available perks as a Life Mage at level 20,900 or so and I find myself still gaining points but with nothing to spend them on.

I agree - for a game that advertises infinite grind limited ranks seem pitiful though. Especially if you compare it with S2 where you could choose from a great variety of infinite ranks perks.

I’ll agree to this one as well.

I’m definately agreeing with this. Having a few perks with no limits would be very nice…or even one that sort of represents that class i would even take…