phone system specs

I saw a 1gig memory requirement posted for siralim 2

just wondering if anyone knows if the game will run on a Nokia Lumia 635 (it runs siralim 1)
Hi from australia

mobile games don’t require the same specs as PC games, or do they?

One thing to remember about requirements is that they are a promise by the developer that the game will run on particular hardware. (You might be able to run the game on lesser hardware, but the developer isn’t promising anything.)

All the requirements mean for Siralim 2 is that Zack had tested the PC version of Siralim 2 (the only version that currently exists) with 1 gig of RAM and it worked. Almost all PC’s today have a gig of RAM and so it is unlikely that anyone has tested the PC version of the game with less RAM.

With regards to the Android version of the game, as with Siralim 1, there is very likely to be a free demo available on Andriod that you can try to see if it works of your phone.

Unfortunately, Siralim 2 won’t be coming to Windows Phones. Siralim 1 sold very poorly on this platform (less than 10 copies sold I think?) and we had a lot of compatibility issues with things like cloud saving, meeting Microsoft’s arguably strange requirements, etc.

With that said, if your Android/iOS device could run Siralim 1, it’ll run Siralim 2.

Might be more cuz nobody who buys windows phones play games? :stuck_out_tongue: But damn 10 copies, that’s … not much at all, I’d imagine the effort u guys put into getting it into the windows market was worth a lot more.