Pica working opposite

A little background:

I only got the pillwiz today post patch 2.1.0 previously the npc was not present. I purchased sat may 23rd, so long after the steamweek as I understand. I am also running on windows vista 64b sp2, so I have to extract to my steam folder every update and I can’t get achievements to trigger but I have got a trading card to pop. Steam will track my playtime but that’s all as far as I can tell.

Now on to the specifics, I have only got the battle message (and seemingly the effects based on damage) in non regular fights i.e duty fights and mimics, I even got it to pop in a sigil and included a screenshot. (thanks to arqane btw :P). I then took some images of me breaking a consumable and entering a regular fight with no pica triggering. So I am definitely confused how I got the opposite of the “nerf” but I guess I should do all my sigils after today’s daily lol!

Thanks, I’ll get this fixed!