I wanted to use a pill on one of my creatures but just before I use it, I have the following stats display. Why all the red values ?

Oops, that’s a bug. The game thinks you’re trying to equip an artifact so it’s showing that garbage. Feel free to give the pill to your creature - you won’t actually lose those stats - it’s just a display bug.

OK that’s nice, I just wanted to be sure.

By the way, Pills are horribly rare. I’ve found only two since they’re out. Is it intended ?

For now it is. They’re actually going to be removed from the loot table soon and will be acquired through an alternative method.

This game is constantly evolving and full of surprises. No wonder I’ve not been able to stop playing for more than a few days since it’s been out.

I’ve given a health pill to my nether pegasus, which is level 93. I don’t remember how many red activations and ruby it had when I created him, so it is hard to know its health growing rate.

With its artifact, it had 4798 health before the pill. After it it had 4819, which means it has gained 21 health …

I know you don’t like to give the maths behind the scene, but that 21 points seem very low.

The math is fairly straightforward for this one:

Each creature has a set of base stats. Let’s say a level 1 creature starts with 15 of each stat. Each time it gains a level, it gains 20% of its base stats, which is 3 in this case.

When you use a pill, it gives +1 to a certain base stat. So let’s say that same creature’s base Luck becomes 16. Each time it gains a level, it will gain 3.2 luck instead. This effect is retroactive, of course.

This is a much bigger deal for normal creatures than Nether Creatures, and it’s definitely not intended to be game-changing. Just a small bonus that stacks up even higher over time. I suspect that when I change the way pills are acquired, you’ll have access to more of them though.

Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense.

I’d also like to add that it’s not as efficient to give pills to Nether Creatures since they level up more slowly, so they won’t be able to reap as many benefits from the +1 to a base stat.

I don’t know if it is a good idea with the Djinn Arcanomancer being around now, but I was planning to have only nether creatures in my team so I don’t want to spend too much on normal creatures.

I have to find a way to deal with that nasty Djinn !

By the way, the Arcanomancer does not seem to scorn and suffocate himself in Sigils, is it normal ?

It only affects enemy Nether Creatures (you’re the enemy in this case), so that is normal.

I had not noticed this detail … It makes him even nastier than I thought.