Pilwiz bonuses carrying over to the arena

After doing a Realm, the Pilwiz’s bonuses carry over to the arena until you enter a new Realm, I’m fairly sure. Is this intended? I don’t think it’s too overpowered, as otherwise it would be a worthless creature in the arena, but if you go from a daily realm into the arena you can have one of the most absurd stat boosts of any ability, permanently. I haven’t fully tested this, though, so pardon me if this was fixed or doesn’t work exactly this way.

Whoops, this isn’t intended. I’ll have to fix this.

Is there some way to strike a balance where it has a moderate bonus (like 50%-100%) by default in the arena (or it gains an effective consumable item every few victories) so someone who builds a Nether one or something isn’t ripped off? The arena is a specific place and style of battle, though, where balance is already different (healing is much more important), so it’s not required for it to be useful there. And it’s possible the Arena rework may change that as well. :stuck_out_tongue: