Pit Wraith Dominator triggers unclear

The Pit Wraith Dominator’s ability, Inspirit, says “When one of your creatures is healed, this creature gains 20% Attack.” This ability seems to trigger very inconsistently, and only based on certain types of healing.

[ul][li]It doesn’t seem to trigger on Mend.[/li]
[li]If a creature has Mend and Grace, it sometimes triggers on Grace.[/li]
[list][li] Grace seems to happen after the creature with Mend takes its action?[/li]
[li]And maybe only if the creature was injured?[/li]
[li]And if they don’t have bleed?[/li]
[li]It doesn’t trigger if you give the same creature the Healing Touch ability?[/li]
[li]It doesn’t trigger from the Fallen Carnage’s recovery ability[/li][/ul]

I guess my best reproduction instructions are something like: make a party with a Pit Wraith Dominator and an Ashwood Ent in it, and optionally a Fallen Carnage. Try to predict when the Pit Wraith Dominator’s ability will trigger.

iOS 2.0.9.

In retrospect, the triggers seemed to be a lot wonkier when I had three Pit Wraith Redeemers in my party then when I had one. But they’re still pretty weird with one.

Also, the “Dispersion” ability definitely isn’t triggering the Pit Wraith Redeemer. (I have Dispersion on an artifact on my Stronghold, in case that matters.) (Dispersion: After being attacked, creature with the lowest health is healed for the same amount of damage taken. Creature cannot heal itself this way.)

No, wait, Dispersion is triggering it, I think I was getting confused by the message order (the Dispersion message happens after the Grace message, which I guess makes sense). So maybe the only thing that I’m sure is weird is the fact that the Grace effect from Mend only triggers at the end of someone’s turn.

Thanks, I’ll take a look!